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Frequently Asked Questions
No teacher preparation • No workshop • Self-running

1   When is the best time to start?

Teachers usually start before April to give each student a couple days with the resources.


1   How long does it take to set up?

Students watch 3 ten minute DVD Lessons and then it is self-running.


1   How much time does it take each week?

Itís 5 minutes per week with the option to do extension lessons.


1   What preparation do I need to do before starting the program?

None! Book the school DVD Player & give your principal the kit to deliver to your class.


1   What is the ideal grade?

Like soccer, every age can participate and bring a different skill set to the experience.


1   What is the easiest way to order a kit?

Order now, pay later. Click here.


1   After I order a kit, how long does it take to receive?

Kits arrive within one or two days after they are ordered.


1   Is it reusable?

Yes! Many teachers are participating for their 7th year!


1   Can Daycare, Preschool or Kindergarten participate?

Yes, students can participate as individuals or by doing group initiatives each month.


1   Can we have a FREE Presentation at our school board?

We do 5 minute to full-day presentations & include a FREE Kit as a draw prize! Click here.


1   Does it work at a school where there is little parent support?

Every age, ability and demographic participates with great success for every student.


1   Can I modify the program?

It is incredibly flexible - an easy and natural fit for any group situation.


1   More than one class wants to participate at my school Ė how many kits do we need?

While NOBODY is the main character, it is the support materials that tap into each participant and spark personally meaningful projects. Each kit comes with 25+ support materials for one class. The program is great value because it is reusable but if you donít want to take your NOBODY-turned-SOMEBODY apart you can get a FREE Top-Up Kit! Many teachers have participated for more than 10 years and have received a FREE Top-Up Kit each year!

Kits can be ordered by phoning us, cheque, fax, purchase order or with a credit card by clicking here!


1   How Do I get a FREE Top-UP KIT?

After purchasing your full Who Is NOBODY? Kit you are eligible for a FREE Top-Up Kit! All you need to do is have local media highlight your class and include our website: www.whoisnobody.com in the article. One FREE Top-Up Kit is permitted per year. Here is a link to the FREE Top-Up Kit form that has all the details:

Click here


1   How Do I get the FREE IíM SOMEBODY Bracelets?

After purchasing your full Who Is NOBODY? Kit you are eligible for FREE IíM SOMEBODY Bracelets! You can either fill-in the Mini-Presentation Profile (found in your binder) and send it to us by post or you can submit your list of class projects here!

Can't find the answer to your question? Click here to ask us!

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Who Is NOBODY?, Qui est PERSONNE? (the French version of Who Is NOBODY?) and Who Is GREEN? are literacy based character education programs that are flexible and user-friendly for Grade 1 Ė 12 including Special Education to Gifted Students from inner-city to rural settings and public and private schools. All three teaching resources are easy to set up, self-running and reusable supporting all Character Education initiatives, including: Character Matters, Character Counts, building Character Traits, the Pillars of Character, Character Values and Virtues.