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How Does it Work?
No teacher preparation • No workshop • Self-running

Who Is NOBODY? - Classroom Resource Gr. 1-12

3 minute overview - click to play

 Play 3 short DVD lessons directly to students

A mysterious case arrives in the classroom... inside is NOBODY!
Play the 3 short DVD lessons explaining the 5 Who Is NOBODY?™ Steps that inspire and tap into EVERYBODYís unique strengths. They include a ready-made class 'Who Is NOBODY?™ Experience' demonstrating how easy and fun it is to help others.

 Resources go home with the first student

EVERYBODY gets a turn to apply their personal interests and abilities to the 5 Who Is NOBODY?™ Steps that create a unique character building project.

 Weekly presentation

Each student presents a story, picture and adds a 3D attachment to NOBODY that represents their Who Is NOBODY?™ Experience before the next studentís turn with the 5 Who Is NOBODY?™ Steps.

The Class Scrapbook fills with stories, pictures and photos & NOBODY becomes SOMEBODY who captures EVERYBODYís character-in-action. Optional lessons relate Who Is NOBODY?™ Experiences to career choices and summarize key character-building concepts.

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Who Is NOBODY?, Qui est PERSONNE? (the French version of Who Is NOBODY?) and Who Is GREEN? are literacy based character education programs that are flexible and user-friendly for Grade 1 Ė 12 including Special Education to Gifted Students from inner-city to rural settings and public and private schools. All three teaching resources are easy to set up, self-running and reusable supporting all Character Education initiatives, including: Character Matters, Character Counts, building Character Traits, the Pillars of Character, Character Values and Virtues.