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When students have real and personal literacy experiences their motivation for reading and writing grows exponentially... their Who Is NOBODY? Project was a real experience... it was something they were personally involved with and that's why their writing was so powerful

- Lynne Malandrino, Principal, ON Coordinated 45 Participating Schools

All kids, regardless of their background gain hope and confidence through their own actions, interests and abilities. The Who Is NOBODY? Program helps kids do this. It teaches young people to discover the talents that make them somebody

- Ajike Akande, Teacher, Nelson Mandela PS, TDSB & Upper Canada College, Toronto

...if we're capable of this, imagine what the whole country is capable of. If this project was put into more schools, image what the world is going to be like in 20 years

- Taylor, Grade 6 student, Whitby, ON

Who Is NOBODY? was in one Ottawa classroom. In only two months over 30 more classrooms individually decided to implement this literacy program, resulting in nearly 1000 unique community outreach projects in the Ottawa area!

- Amy Hannah, Safe and Caring Schools Coordinator, OCDSB, ON

I am delighted to note that Who Is NOBODY? provides an opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of young Canadians to improve their schools, cities, country, and the global community...

- Elizabeth Witmer, MPP, Former Deputy Premier, Minister of Education

I learned that you can actually find yourself by helping others...

- Gr. 6 Student, ON

Who Is NOBODY? is truly unique and has had tremendous success in Ontario Schools. Teachers like it because it does not take very much time and is not an 'add-on' to an already heavily compacted curriculum. Students like it because of its uniqueness and their ability to decide how they are going to make the program their own

- Joan Hayward, Past Rotary District 7070 Governor, District Chair for Literacy

We were all impressed including the teachers on how a simple concept can have such a positive impact on the lives of children. Those who lack a good role model or did not believe that they could make a difference did make a difference

- Frank Kinsella, Former Director of Education (UCDSB) & Rotary Club of Gananoque Past President

Who Is NOBODY? provides elementary school-aged children with unique tools to learn about themselves and share with others

- James Sneep, Staff Inspector, Toronto Police Service, Community Programs

Who Is NOBODY? makes every student exceptional...

- C. Kennedy, Grade 5 Teacher, Tusarvik PS, Nunavut

Who Is NOBODY? has been a vehicle that has allowed students to highlight their talents and affirm those qualities that enhance self-esteem, strengthen their relationships with their peers and feel proud of their families and their ability to effect positive change

- Nancy Steinhauer, Principal, TDSB, ON

Who Is NOBODY? provides an engaging format to help teachers address the following emotional and social skills in their classrooms: self-regard, self-actualization, empathy, social responsibility and problem-solving

- Howard Stone, Leadership Consultant, Learning Ways Inc

Who Is NOBODY? is a unique teacher developed resource that supports various curriculum expectations. Its creative approach and focus on pro social skill development and essential life skills makes it an excellent resource in support of safe and caring schools initiatives

- Bruce Cameron, Central Co-ordinating Principal, Safe Schools, Toronto District School Board

My most memorable part of school this year was when we did the Nobody project...

- Nolan, Gr. 10 Student, DDSB, ON

You can use it at any point in the school year; it fits any curriculum matter and it can be implemented in any grade or specialty class, including special needs, ESL, etc

- Adeena McIntosh, Grade 7/8 Teacher, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, TDSB, ON

Before we started this I don't think anyone really knew how many organizations or places that really needed our help and it sort of gave us an idea of what other people could do to make this world better

- Student, Grade 12, DDSB, ON

I've been a Rotarian since 1961 and this is the most excited I've ever been about a project!

- Don Foster, Toronto West Rotary Club

Mandatory Community Involvment Hours were surpassed by my students as the concept was launched by Who Is NOBODY? that also supported students in applying these experiences to future career choices...

- Ann Gribben, Gr. 12 Teacher, ON

Our class is only like 23 kids and we helped 100's of people, so if the whole school was to participate we could help 1000's of people all over the world and make a huge difference

- Gr. 6 Student

It assists youth in identifying their passion and then putting their passion into action to help something or someone they care about

- Dave Palmer, Rotary Club of Arnprior

It made me feel really happy like I did something that would change what is going on in the world. It made me feel really happy

- Gr. 2 Student

NOBODY's teaching students that there is a lot more to respect than a pair of jeans or an ipod

- Karen Horsman, CBC Metro Morning

We hear from so many motivational speakers and people who inspire us that one person can make a difference and students now know that this is the case...congratulations to all the teachers and all the students involved in making a difference

- Sandra Blaikie, 'A' Morning - Ottawa CTV Globe Media TV

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Who Is NOBODY?, Qui est PERSONNE? (the French version of Who Is NOBODY?) and Who Is GREEN? are literacy based character education programs that are flexible and user-friendly for Grade 1 Ė 12 including Special Education to Gifted Students from inner-city to rural settings and public and private schools. All three teaching resources are easy to set up, self-running and reusable supporting all Character Education initiatives, including: Character Matters, Character Counts, building Character Traits, the Pillars of Character, Character Values and Virtues.